Michael J. Colitz, Jr.
Registered Patent Attorney
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Wacky Patent of the Month


Clock for keeping time at a rate other than human time
September 2009 Wacky Patent


U.S. Patent Number: 5,023,850


R. M. Gardiner

Colitz Catchphrase:

“A dog watch for a Watch Dog.”

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A novelty clock, watch, and the like for keeping time at an animal's rate, defined in terms of a multiple of human rate by dividing the average lifetime of a particular animal into the average lifetime of a human being. The multiple for dogs is seven, for example. The device comprises a housing, a source of reference frequency for producing pulses, means for producing 60 pulses per second times the multiple for the particular animal, means for accumulating time, and means for displaying time. The display is the usual clock face with the speed of the hands altered, preferably also with the data indicated as the number of days since the last "new year" in animal days.